Urgent help for veterans

Veterans needing urgent help in a crisis can contact the organisations listed here for assistance.

Veterans Welfare Service

The Veterans Welfare Service (VWS) provides a professional help and advice service to veterans or anyone supporting a veteran, their families and dependants.

Operational legacy investigations and inquests: help for veterans

Information and support for veterans affected by historic allegations

Help for service leavers from Defence Transition Services

Information about how military personnel and their families can get more support and extra help from Defence Transition Services when leaving the Armed Forces.

Service Leavers Guide

The service leavers guide offers information and advice prior to and after leaving regular service.

Veterans living in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales

Where you can go for more information if you live in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales

Service for Experienced, Rejoiner and Volunteer Engagements (SERVE)

The Ministry of Defence’s free digital service that offers an easy way to discover Reserve, Rejoiner and wider opportunities in the Armed Forces and to stay connected with Defence.

Family support for veterans

Help and support for families of veterans.

Housing advice for veterans

Information and useful services for veterans seeking housing support.

Employment support for veterans

Information and useful services for veterans seeking employment support.

Financial and money advice for veterans

Useful information on money, debt advice and financial help.

Veterans seeking support with living independently

Support for independent living for UK Armed Forces veterans

Veterans seeking mental wellbeing support

Information and useful services for veterans seeking mental wellbeing support.

Veterans seeking support with physical health

Information on service related illnesses, recovery and healthcare services. Get expert advice about military discharge initiatives for hearing and sight loss.

Help for veterans diagnosed with diffuse mesothelioma

How we can help you if you have been diagnosed with the asbestos related disease, diffuse mesothelioma due to military service.

Charity support for veterans

Charities or other organisations that may be able to provide advice or assistance to veterans and their families.

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