Defence Business Services

People matter. The MOD’s 65,000 civil service staff support the armed forces in all sorts of ways. They make a real difference to the country’s defence effort.

When staff join and plan their performance, move jobs, develop their skills, receive their pay, adjust their working patterns, or leave, it is our services they will use. When personal issues of health, welfare or conduct arise, it is our advisers who will guide them.

So we are not just a place where transactions are done. We are here to help the MOD put people first.

By creating an organisation and pulling all people services together, from joining to leaving, we will help the people programme in its broader goal of transforming how we work.

There are many other providers of personnel services, and we will face strong competition. The wider government agenda for shared services means that only the best and most efficient providers, public or private sector, will survive. We have no automatic right to be the provider of these services to the MOD or any other customer. Across government, shared services will tend to converge around the best providers. So our goal is simple: to be one of those best providers.

We have a professional and committed team, proud of the services they provide, and are confident that we will create the service our customers deserve.

SSCL Defence

Shared Services Connected Limited (SSCL) is a leader in critical business support services for the largest government departments, the Ministry of Defence, Police and CITB across the UK.

SSCL is playing a central role in delivering the MOD’s vision to transform core payroll, HR and pensions services for 230,000 military personnel and reservists and one million veterans, our focus is on transformation and value-adding technology, providing new platforms and more modern methods of work.

We’re introducing digital access to services such as pensions and compensation that will hugely enhance the experience of service users and better enable self-service. Smartphone-accessible web pages will enable our customers to connect to services more directly, including via an enhanced Veterans Portal.

A key part of this work is to move services to the Cloud, making future changes quicker, smoother and less costly and supporting decision-making by improving users’ access to accurate, well-structure management information and data.

Some big facts about Defence work:
* 700,000 case files stored safely and securely
* 410,000 pension payments processed each month
* 123,000 service personnel wills safely and securely stored

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