Potentially hazardous exposure

Following a decision by the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) there is now a Special Subject Access Request (SSAR) procedure for individuals who are concerned about any potentially hazardous exposure they may have experienced during their military service or civilian employment with MOD.

How to apply

If you have a genuine concern about the impact on your health of your exposure to a potentially hazardous situation during your employment with MOD you should use the SSAR procedure (form below) to request the information that might allay your fears or enable you to assess the danger to which you might have been exposure.

MOD special subject access request form (PDF, 40.8 KB, 3 pages) MOD special subject access request form (MS Word Document, 263 KB)

Porton Down volunteers

Information on the history of Porton Down and guidance on how to make enquiries about any attendance you may have had at this establishment as a volunteer is available: Porton Down volunteers - requesting information.

Please note that those seeking personal information about themselves, that does not involve potentially hazardous exposure, should continue to use the existing DPA SAR form 1694.

You should forward the SAR form 1694 to the appropriate contact point detailed on the form. If for any reason you remain unsure where to send the form, you should contact CIO-FOI@mod.gov.uk stating where and why you consider your personal data is held within the department.

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